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10/02/2013 - Finding Good Among the Internet

Hello, this is Joshlyn, your official blogger. Lately I've been insanely busy with all the work from my "simple" 12 hours of classes. All of my classes are writing enhanced. I just have one short story due after another, a "major submission" due every Monday for Backpack Journalism. 

I have a few things to mention in particular. For starters I want to brag on Last week around Friday I got an email from them saying that my Prime membership was being cancelled because the card on file was invalid. So my immediate thought was "oh okay, I'll just go switch it to a valid card and everything will be all good again." Well this past Monday I was at school and went to check my bank account when I realized I was overdrafted because Amazon had charged me for a membership which I was still supposed to be getting free. I shot them an email immediately asking for the money back. I soon got a response granting my refund request. Then later that day I emailed again asking them if I could still get the remaining 5 months of my Prime membership, and of course they emailed back saying it would all be taken care of. So I thought that was all over and done with. Well the paychecks at work failed to arrive on Monday like they always do on pay period weeks. So on Tuesday I go get my check and take it to the bank after I'd cashed it. When I asked the teller, Glenda at Regions who I feel should've not just been runner up but instead number one for the Best of Nacogdoches 2013, how much my balance was, at which point I was shocked and disheartened that it was less than half of what I'd just given her. I then spoke to a customer service rep who explained to me that I had 3 $36 overdraft fees tacked onto my account, and long story short it wasn't a bank error so there was nothing they could do and suggested I ask Amazon for them to cover those charges. Once I'd made it back to my apartment I sent a pretty pitiful, but all true email. And about half an hour later I received an email, no questions asked, all $108 covered! Just amazing. I was worried how I was going to make it to my next paycheck, but within the next few days I should have all the money back and can breath easy. 

The second thing I want to somewhat "announce" is that I feel like being apart of the Pineywoods Night Out family has helped me gain some new business. I have a wedding booked with their deposit paid and everything for April 2014. This Saturday I have a small family portrait session, and then I've had sort of a last minute wedding request for November 9, it's just a matter of hashing out the price details. These recent jobs are such a blessing because my mom is trying to finish her dissertation for her PhD and graduate in January, which will mean choosing between a plane ticket to California, or buying Christmas presents, and so I'm trying to encourage all the business I can possibly get so that I can split the money between us and send her as much as I can so she doesn't have to choose. With that said I've decided to offer a special, which you can find on my profile at Day in the Pineywoods page, my Facebook page at, and will soon be posting on my website at The promotion is 10 images for $75 or 30 images for $100 all edited and put on a copyright released CD, either option comes with 1 hour shooting time, unlimited location and/or outfit changes, unlimited poses, and hopefully a limited amount of props for Fall, Halloween, and Christmas. Price is before tax, but standard 8.25% tax does apply. 

Also I want to bring up a sensitive subject for photographers. I'm trying to stay away from giving away CD's or USB's of all finished wedding sessions. What client's don't seem to understand or realize is that by giving away a CD or USB, once I hand it over, I immediately just gave away and lost all of my profits from prints and products. And will likely never see that client again. So I'm trying to either steer client's towards a custom or pre-designed package that includes prints and products, but I am offering a custom, wooden, keepsake USB with as many finished images as I can fit on there for around $400 plus tax. This price is the only way I can make up for all the hours I spent shooting at the wedding, and the hours, days, and possibly weeks I then turned around and spent editing all those images and am now essentially giving away. 

This is my passion and my future livelihood and I can't just give that away. My future relies on me building a solid base of clients who continue to come back. 

I'm still working on my mass of images from Backroads Music Festival, I did post some videos (iPhone videos) on my facebook page ( which you can check out, I do believe I managed to get at least one video per artist/band. 

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