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08/30/2013 - Welcome Back SFA!

So this marks the completion of my first week back to SFA for the fall semester. This semester also happens to be my last full semester, meaning that in Spring I simply have to be there for one advanced class for my minor and an internship. I have to say this week has been super great. 

My mom bought all my textbooks on and was able to swing for a digital audio recorder and a used 3rd generation Flip video camera so this way I don't have to bother with checking one out from the photography department, plus I'll have my own for my future career in Photojournalism. (If you're wondering why my MOM is buying my textbooks it's because I'm bi polar an typically opt to not hold onto large amounts of money because I often become manic and spend without thinking of the consequences, if you'd like me to write more about my experiences with my disorder, please feel free to leave a comment, otherwise I'll only briefly mention it). I discovered the awesomeness that is Amazon Prime for students, you simply register your .edu address(this works for professors, or anyone w/ an active .edu email) and you get 6 months free of Amazon Prime and after those 6 months you then get Prime for 50% off the regular price. 

First I'd like to talk about my experiences with my Intermediate Poetry Workshop. I had had an occurrence with the professor and was worried it would be held against me, but so far it seems not to have any effect on her thoughts of me as a student. And honestly the last two lectures have been amazing. Today I could not stop getting inspiration as she was reading us some poetry examples on the aspects of poetry she was discussing. 

I've also been working this week. I currently have about 4 "jobs". I own my own photography business which you can find on as a sponsor. I feel like I'm best at adult portraiture, I don't feel developed and comfortable with children, but I am great with adults. Well I got an email from a future client at random several days ago, and have booked a wedding gig for next year. I also am a contributing writer for SFA's Pine Log. My "real" job that brings in a steady income is delivering pizza for Mazzio's. And then finally my job here at Pineywoods Night Out as the official blogger and assisting photographer. On top of all these jobs I maintain 12 credit hours of all writing enhanced classes this semester at SFA. 

A little history of my love of SFA is that I was born to a 19 year old "teenage" mother, a recent high school graduate, as well as to my 21 year old father. My mom immediately enrolled in her undergraduate classes at SFA, and although she struggled at first, she graduated from SFA with her Bachelors in Marketing, and immediately went on to obtain a Master's in Business Administration from SFA. During her Master's work, she was a Hall Director for Griffith hall, so I physically lived in Griffith hall for a couple of years. I used to ride my bike all over SFA with a fellow hall director's son. I can honestly remember when the student center was one floor(not counting the basement) and the post office was about where Chik Fil A and the Alumni center are today. I remember walking through the trees to get to the cafeteria for breakfast before school every morning since my family had a meal plan. Although I did not start my college "career" at SFA, it's where I've ended up, and it truly is my home. I am very proud to be a lumberjack and to bleed purple. I may not be as involved as I'd like, but I would go down defending SFA as being the absolute best school in Texas, if not the entire world. Sorry Harvard! Even though the photojournalism department is very very small and completely under appreciated, this is my passion, and writing and photography are simply two of my best talents to offer this world. 

A co-worker of mine at Mazzio's started her very first day as a college student and I could not be more proud she chose SFA as her home. I've encouraged her to get involved and not follow in my wandering footsteps, to stay focused and don't get her priorities out of whack like I did. 

Today I found inspiration for my first Intermediate Fiction short story while staring at a Starbucks coffee cup(the hot paper ones). Depending on how the story comes out I may be willing to post some of my work from my writing classes on here with the approval of my boss and interest from the public. 

Oh, before I leave this post for the day and head to work, I just want to tell everyone of an amazing experience I had on the SFA commuter bus yesterday. So I had been standing waiting on the bus outside of the student center, the bus came by but started to pass us by, another young lady and myself approached the bus and the driver told us the bus was full, but we could stand if we wanted. Well I had a friend meeting me at my apartment so I didn't really have time to catch the next bus so I opted to stand. As I get on the bus and start walking towards the middle to grab the roof handle, this incredibly sweet young man, stands and offers his seat to me, knowing how clumsy and unbalanced I am, I accept the seat rather than standing. Well the other girl also opted to stand got on the bus and another young man asked her if she'd like his seat, but she declined. So we take off and at the last stop by the East College cafeteria, two young ladies get on the bus and another young man, without saying a word, gets up and gives up his seat. I often see students hold doors for each other, but that was by far the best example of southern manners and kindness at work. I was beaming with pride to be from the South. 

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